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Medium and Heavy Duty, Parts Remanfacturing Industry


OEMs rely on ATC Drivetrain for a complete spectrum of services that aid warranty and post-warranty business through their dealerships and aftermarket sales channels.

Individualized Service

While these clients specialize in the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle and parts market, ATC Drivetrain refuses to believe that a single strategy would benefit the various needs of each one. Our "one size fits none" approach requires that we develop and implement integrated programs and services that address the specific demands that each client must meet.

Whether remanufacturing key parts and components, or implementing core management and logistics services, ATC Drivetrain applies its long track record of expertise and success in developing and implementing appropriate supply chain solutions. Our programs reduce costs, as well as expenditures of valuable time and resources, and work to enhance overall profitability and end-user satisfaction.

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To learn how custom remanufacturing services can benefit your overall business operation Contact ATC Drivetrain. An integrated, fully-customized program with a foundation in Quality, Service, Efficiency & Growth awaits.